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ESP COVID-19 Required Quarantine Tuition Credit Policy

ESP receives no funding from the school system. Last year, we were able to receive some COVID related relief which allowed us to credit families 100% for time under quarantine. This year, we are no longer able to receive COVID relief and are forced to alter our credit policy related to quarantines.

We surveyed other childcare facilities to see what their policies were related to COVID quarantines. Most other facilities in the area do not offer any discount or credit for absences regardless of the reason.

Instead of charging our parents 100% of the rate, we felt that offering a 50% discount was fair for our parents and also help us pay our staff, etc..

Specific guidelines are as follows....

  • -  50% credit will be applied to 1 full week of tuition while under required quarantine for 5 or more weekdays

  • -  Only those who are required to quarantine are eligible for credit (i.e. siblings who are not required to quarantine will not be eligible for credit)

  • -  Sickness not related to COVID-19 will follow the “Credit for Absences” policy listed in the ESP Parent Manual. To download a copy of the ESP Parent Manual, click HERE.

    We appreciate your understanding and patience as we navigate these unprecedented waters.